Yea, I’ve heard of a Hell—
just south o Nowhere,
past the border,
there’s a portal in the well.

Yea, I know it well—
and when ya do go there,
tell the clerk ya know me.
Ring the bell.

You can call me Reaper.
Happy to meet ya.

Sometime, the soul
is a toss up. It’s all up
to whether the good out-
weighs the bad ya done.

But, man!—
some o that shit
you did was messed up. Gettin
the best of everyone
is gonna get you fucked
where I’m from. Have fun.

You can call me Reaper.
So happy to meet you.

Once you’ve
met me, Man, it’s too damn late
to try and un-damn your soul,
free of toll.

But we
don’t have to meet, if you can
keep your hands clean,
free of trouble.

But I really can’t wait to meet you.


from How Do You Do? (It's Kiddoo and the Dude​!​), released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Kiddoo and the Dude Austin, Texas

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